What does your business website say about you?

We started this service earlier this year simply to streamline the web design portion of our business at DRS Technology. More and more customers were asking us about doing websites for their businesses or small companies. We felt we could better serve them if we kind of made the service into its own thing. We wanted to build websites for anybody out there needing one for any reason what-so-ever. However, It really seems what we offer to our businesses is pretty special.  So many things have changed over the last few years in terms of how the web affects the working world. No longer is having a strong company website just a fun, helpful addition to our businesses. It’s become possibly the most essential form of marketing or promotion a company can invest their time in. A presence on the web is now the “yellow pages” of this generation. It is the new magazine article, the 30 second tv spot on your local network, or the classified section of the city newspaper. Quite frankly, its a form of marketing we can not afford to ignore or take lightly in our current economic climate. Competition is getting stiffer by the day in every field out there. Smart, focused marketing will play a massive role in who keeps moving forward and who gets left behind. Our focus at DRS Design Co. is firmly planted on building sites that feel as good as they look. We work hard to create something that’s both functional and intuitive in their design. Look at your business website like its your newly opened shop ready for the public to see. How would you like those visitors to feel when they come in for the first time? You would want it to look well organized and clean the moment they entered. It should represent your style and have its own unique feel. You would want your services or products displayed well and easy to understand. And lastly but maybe most important of all, your business should make its visitors feel comfortable and be easy to navigate. At DRS Design Co, we want to help you create a web destination that impresses your viewers visually but that also serves its intended purpose; To build your business.